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Meaning of LIfe

Basically Religion is divisive in nature and leads to set of rituals,customs,beliefs and faiths.Religion is anti earth-wise living and has the product of Known and unknown named and labeled as God.The known Product is God with form and image where unknown product is God without form and image. The promoters of this product varies from Religion to Religion.

The Doctrine of all religions based on self centered activity.
The self centered activity of the Religion does not allow other faiths,beliefs co-exist.The monarchy of the Religion makes the followers as bonded slave and does not allow to search the truth behind any other religions.

A Religious mind is conditioned and inspired by heredity and can't find the truth and reality.Self Realization is the first step to wake up your insight awareness. Here Self Realization means see the object or a thing as it is without any accumulated knowledge.The one to one contact of observer and the observed.As long as your mind is not liberated from the knowledge you stored in your mind you will not be in position to see the things as it is.

People should understand first what is spiritual and what is religion. By understanding Religion he will know what is spiritual.Both are the opposite sides of a coin.One can't ride with both in Spiritual and in with Religion.You will find Religion is a division in nature and materialistic where Spiritual is not.This is the first thing we should learn from the Religion. why Spiritual and Religion is the opposite side of a coin you should know Religion is based on Knowledge but Spiritual is based on Wisdom.That's why you can't ride with both.

In Spiritual one realizes the Nature but in Religion one worships the God.
Worshiping a God is different from realizing a Nature.
Spiritual is Liberating Mind from Impurities.As long as you evaluate,react and respond to the events the Mind acts from Impurities.Impure Mind will never be free from thoughts,memories,knowledge which is accumulated.

As long as you are away from realizing a Nature, you will pray God only when you were made to think God is like a human being and gives like human, one who worship him.You will realize Nature only when you don't apply the system which were imposed by practice,habits,training to your mind for thousands of centuries.

The relationship among people of the different nations are not fruitful so far.why this relationship has not taken place yet? The mindset and barriers created among people for all these years by our so called Religious heads,Super Politicians,Informatively educated of stored knowledgeable Scientists. These people still want to create more and more systems among people.Seeing System created already all failed and want to make more viable system again.why?

People say human beings have sixth sense and other living beings are not.Have you ever noticed that we are all having sixth sense?If yes, what are all this sixth sense you noticed? If not,why have not noticed it? Are they think analyzing external and assumes external is the real life which is anti Earth-wise living is the sixth sense?

Every Living beings born and die and also so the human being .
But all living beings lives with earth-wise except human beings.
May be we may say that we are having sixth sense.
Do you think the sixth sense is anti earth-wise living?

Have you ever thought about why this world is not in peace?
Have you ever analyzed regarding the above?

Now People forgot how to live earth-wise.Everywhere and in everything man follows and creates artificial living and hypnotize by themselves that they achieved all and also saying they are capable of creating and achieving all.
Is it true?

Most of the People want to identify themselves with some Religion.When you are identifying with one, you are separated from others.Do you want Religion identity for your social security?We will discuss about social security later.

Being a human is more important than being a religionist.Once identity starts side by side image,symbol is created.Image with wearing symbols,wearing separate form of dresses etc.,.

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